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COVID19 Safety

To ensure the safety of the staff, children, and families, we have put some safety measures in place. 

Visitor Numbers For Each Session

This is the only way the make sure that the children have adequate space to play safely and some distance is kept. 

The only way that we can abide by authorities' guidelines and put our mind at rest is that the place is not crowded, we only allow a maximum of 10 children per session. Since we are aware and also important that adults are responsible for the children attending the sessions.

Pre-Booked Visits Only for our organized play sessions.

To make sure that our limits are adered to and avoid disappointment to our walk in customers. 

Through our booking system, one can book tickets for a specified organized event. Maximum number of child tickets per session that can be purchased is, 10. One adult goes in free with every child ticket purchased. Any extra adult tickets can be purchased for an additional cost. One adult must be present with the child during playtime at all times.


Cleaning Routines

Sanitize, sanitize and sanitize again...

We want to make sure that whichever session you book is safe, whether it's our first session or our last. No matter how many people come before you rest assured that the place is sanitized meticulously and not a spot is left uncleaned. Obviously, we cannot promise a 100% safe place, but we can promise that we do our very best to protect you all.

Hand Washing & Mask wearing

This has become our normal anyway...

Upon entering the event we kindly ask you to sanitize your hands with our provided hand sanitizers and wear your mask throughout the session. Masks are to be worn properly, covering the nose and chin. 
We trust that you wash your hands regularly as you seem fit. Please protect your children and others by keeping your hands clean. 

Guidelines for being sick

Feeling a bit under the weather are we?

To prevent the spread of infection, children or adults who are unwell, or who have been unwell, must not visit Minilopolis for 48 hours. A minimum of 24 hours notice is required and one can transfer the ticket to another day, if available. Also If unfortunately, the staff sees that a child or adult becomes sick or infectious whilst at Minilopolis they will politely be asked to leave.

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