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15th June 2024 10am till 12pm

15th June 2024 10am till 12pm



  • About the Play Session

    Join us for a special event honoring superhero fathers with two hours of joy-filled activities:

    🏰 1.5 Hours Village Role-Playing: Let imaginations run wild in our whimsical village setting. During this time the kids will get to meet Captain America, dance, play games & watch some magic happen!

    🍽️ 30 minutes for Lunch: Enjoy a delicious spread including ham sandwich, cheese sandwich, pea cake, cheese cake, mini sausage roll, and mini doughnut, water and orange squash. 

    🚸 Note: After playtime, join us in the woodland for lunch. All kids must leave the village for safety reasons. Kindly make sure to be on time so you do not miss out on the fun.

    ☕ Cafeteria for Adults: Treat yourself to hot beverages (additional cost).

  • Terms and Conditions

    Please make sure to read our terms and conditions carefully before booking as by purchasing a ticket you agree to our terms.

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