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Minilopolis organized event & party tickets

All children and adults entering Minilopolis organized event must present a ticket purchased online through our website.

Children's event tickets cost Eur 25.00, and Minilopolis organized regular play sessions tickets cost Eur 20.00. Events include 2 free adult (18+years) admission and play sessions include 1 free adult. Free adult tickets may not be used as an additional child entrance ticket. 

Additional adults (18+ years) can purchase a ticket online for Eur 5.00 through our website.


Babies from 0 up to 1-year-old may enter free if accompanied by another paying child ticket. 


Only children up to 6+ years old are allowed in the play area.  

The ticket must be presented at the door, together with any other covid-related documentation required by the authorities to enter a stand-up event at the time. 

To make sure that we follow proper social distancing and not overcrowd Minilopolis, we cannot allow any walk-in clients. Thank you for understanding.

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